RELWINE Screwcap

When applied to the bottle neck, seals its contents and at same replaces the traditional capsule contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the package.

Relwine is produced using top quality raw materials:
• it is composed of two pieces;
• A one piece aluminium capsule;

An inert liner providing the seal and barrier to the bottle contents.


Main features and functions

• Maintain the liner in the correct position for an efficient sealing;

• Molds itself to the bottle keeping the liner compressed;

• Provides a tamper evident seal and an easy removal of the capsule;

• Harmonizes the package by offering multiple decoration options;

The liner

Saranex and tin/saran,
main characteristics and differences

Bottles and Screwcaps

On the threaded bottle for screwcaps the sealing surface is on the upper part of bottle neck

The good sealing depends mainly on the bottle, being crucial that the sealing area is smooth and parallel to the capping head.

A solution for all bottle shapes

Relwine screwcap was developed to be used on bottle necks complying with specification BVS 30H 60 or CETIE 30.13, whatever the bottle style used.